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The Greek Goddess would like to hear your thoughts on the salad dressing and marinade. Please send an email to thegreekgoddess@www.greekgoddessproducts.com

From Vinny. age 14

This has to be the best dressing I have ever had.  Thank you for creating it.  I will most definitely buy it when I run out every time.

From Chef Guy Mitchell, Guest White House Chef

I could not wait to use it.  I prepared a salad for dinner this evening and my wife and I used the dressing.  We both loved it!! So for the record, I will highly recommend using this product at home and while traveling on the road.  I give it a five star rating.

From Roman F. - I'm now a convert to Greek Goddess salad dressing! Wonderful with fresh bread as a dipping sauce. Great marinade for fresh vegetables for the grill. I also use it to marinate lamb, chicken, and fish, add a little kick to my sandwiches, or I'll drizzle some over a baked potato.

From Nancy Rizzo, Life & Wellness Coach, Smart & Simple Wellness

I not only love Greek Goddess dressing on salads and for marinating, I love her ingredients list of only whole foods.  Awesome!

From Renee S. - Bought a bottle of your Greek Goddess dressing and it's absolutely DELISH!

From Eric S. (age 10) -The best ever!

From Marlene - Best dressing I ever had!

From Savena - Savena adds zest to freshly steamed vegetables - "Saturday night I had a party and my mother steamed a beautiful tray of vegetables for 40 people.  She asked me to add some olive oil, but I said - I have something better!!!  I put the "Greek Goddess" dressing on the vegetables and put in oven to re-heat and everyone said the vegetables were great!!!"   

From Elia - I followed the advice of the "Greek Goddess" and used it on home made subs.  I took Costanzo's sub rolls, pre-heated oven to 325 - poured the dressing into a bowl and spooned it over the sub roll and put into the oven to toast; I had red peppers marinated in the dressing and turkey with lettuce and tomato - this was approved by the King of Greek's !!!  Who has - authenticated this product :-)  

From Dave E. - I marinated my venison roast in the Greek Goddess Salad Dressing overnight and did the crock pot adventure - yes venison.  Guess what? Didn't even need a knife... Outstanding taste!! 

From Vic L. - Just had a salad with your dressing OUTSTANDING!

From Jaimie M. - I bought a bottle of dressing from you yesterday at the Lexington Co-op. As you suggested, I marinated chicken breast in the dressing and cooked it up on the grill - we had it with pita bread and salad (also topped with your dressing). I just had to tell you, it was out of this world. My entire family (including two young and sometimes picky children) absolutely loved it and can't wait to have it again!

From Jen - Yesterday morning I took some zucchini chunks and poured your dressing over them and let them sit all day.  I flipped the container a few times during the day.  Then I grilled them. OMG!!! They were so good.  Eric and I loved them. 

From Mary M. - I brought one bottle in from my car today, thinking I would just have my friends "taste test" it before bringing more in (and also remembering that my 3 sisters will want to try some).  I sent them an email and told them that I had it and that they could try it on their salads today so not for them to get any dressing in the caf. Well, it was a HUGE hit and one girl even used some to dip her turkey in it!  

From Barbara F. - Had dinner at Bonnie M's Sunday and she had your dressing there and I loved it.  I went to the Derby Deli and bought two bottles.  Congrats on a great product! 

From Jody B. - When you are diet conscious, it adds alot of zest to your foods. Two tablespoons goes a long way when you want to add flavor without the calories.

From Lynne F. - I bought it last week and used 1/3 of a bottle for fajita seasoning on chicken strips, green pepper, and onions, wrapped in a tortilla.  Everybody loved it!